I receive many question from my clients, they wanna know how to take care their hair? How to make their hair healthy and shine ? I'm here to discuss all the topics with you.

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Everyone wishes to have a beautiful and healthy hair. Achieving this is simple. You need to take care of hair externally and internally. The quality of hair is affected by your hair care routine and your diet.
So to get healthy hair this is what you need to do
Hair is made up of proteins, moisture and amino acid. So, it goes to say we must replenish these building blocks of hair. Try to incorporate proteins and vitamins in your diet. Zinc, Iron, B3 are important vitamins for healthy hair. Milk, cheese, chicken, eggs, yogurt, salmon, cabbage, parsley, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, grapefruit, avocado are some things you can try. 
Hair care
You must take care of your hair. Make sure you do not wash your hair with hot water. Use lukewarm water. Use a SLE/SLES free shampoo, like Organic or chemical free, to wash your hair. Brush your hair using wide tooth comb. Detangle hair using fingers.
Condition your hair regularly. Use oils such as argan, olive and sweet almond. These nourish your hair and keep it dandruff free.
Do not tie your hair tightly and change your hair style regularly.
Last but not the least get your hair trimmed once in 6 weeks!!!!