Most of my time have been occupied since I started to get actively involve in blogging again. With a busy schedule, somehow I feel less of a hype getting ready for Chinese New Year. This is probably the first time I actually did not fully "spring clean" my room.

If you are a Chinese girl, you will probably take this opportunity to spend a bomb on hair makeover to look good for the Chinese New Year. However, for me, I just made some casual enquiry at some salons about hair colouring and perming but ended up with just a trim all over and a hair treatment.

When I enquire about hair colour with a bright shade of gradient black-blue-white and perm, most of the stylists would first warn me about the great damage it will do to my hair, so worry-some to the extend that my hair would break. Then, they would just break into a discouraging silence..

That ends my thought for my hair makeover...

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